RVi offers challenging and rewarding internship positions throughout the year for bright scholars and young professionals. Our collaborative approach integrates interns into a wide variety of project experiences where they work with our seasoned design and planning mentors.

We recognize the talents, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives that our interns bring to RVi and are excited to recognize and celebrate National Intern Day which falls on the last Thursday of July, this year on July 27th. National Intern Day is an annual observance dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the vital contributions of interns and acknowledging the hard work, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives that they bring to the table.

Internships play a crucial role in shaping the careers of young professionals. They offer a unique opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain hands-on experience, build valuable skills, and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. At RVi, we provide mentorship and opportunities for professional growth during internship programs to help ensure that our interns and young professionals receive the support they need to kickstart their careers.

Here’s what a few of our current interns have to say about the RVi Internship Program!

“At RVI, the culture is something worth admiring. We are as dedicated to each other as we are to our projects and designs. We find ways to integrate our talents and passions. Getting personalized mentorship from our local and regional leadership has helped me grow as a student and p rofessional and has truly been something special. My favorite experience thus far has been practicing my sketching abilities via amenity designs for multi-family spaces.”
-Ashlea Bills, Design Intern, Orlando (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

“Throughout my journey over the summer, I have relished the diverse range of projects I’ve been involved in, encompassing everything from expansive residential communities to intimate private backyard designs. Each project has been a captivating experience, providing ample opportunities for learning and personal growth. What particularly stood out to me was the design freedom I had, allowing me to craft my own park and amenity designs. Being an integral part of the entire design process, from inception to completion, has proven to be invaluable in honing my skills and transitioning from academia to the professional world. The joy of contributing to these projects has been truly fulfilling and has solidified my passion for this creative field.”

-Evan Libensperger, Design Intern, Asheville (Clemson University)

“My internship experience was an enriching journey with RVI that honed my professional expertise, expanded my industry knowledge, and allowed me to apply academic skills to real-world design. It served as a dynamic platform for practicing teamwork and adaptability while learning in the fast-paced environment. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to broaden my knowledge about my future career. I am extremely thankful for the people I met along the way that taught and supported me throughout the summer.”

Hailey Verrelle, Design Intern, Bonita Springs (Pennsylvania State University)

“My internship at RVi has been an enriching and transformative experience that reaffirmed my dedication to sustainable design and environmentally responsible landscapes.”

-Somdeep Nandy, Design Intern, Orlando (Pennsylvania State University)