RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture has opened an office in Lakewood, Colorado. RVi has named Matt Small as Director of Landscape Architecture and Will Wagenlander, Director of Planning in the new office. Additionally, Ryan Schatzman has joined RVi as Director of Creative Strategy, focusing on projects throughout the U.S.

“We’re excited about expanding in the greater Rocky Mountain region and could not have asked for a more qualified team,” said RVi President Chris Crawford. “All three directors have an outstanding reputation and portfolios that align well with RVi’s standards and level of service. The Colorado office is an important step towards advancing our lifestyle-based services and investing in a region known for its economic diversity and exciting growth opportunities.”

Collectively, the Colorado-based team has more than 50 years of experience working in Colorado and the United States:

  • Small is a CLARB and SITES AP certified professional who has provided landscape architecture services in Colorado for more than 20 years. His experience includes planning and designing projects including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and hospitality real estate development, nationally and internationally.
  • Wagenlander, a Colorado native, is a planner and urban designer who focuses on collaborating with public and private clients to provide planning processes that identify implementable and contextually responsive solutions for local communities.
  • Schatzman has worked with global product companies for the past 13 years and in various Colorado design organizations since 2017. He will focus on helping developers and builders across the country work more closely with local communities through collaborative design processes based in human empathy and lifestyle understanding.

“We’re thrilled to become part of a team of planners and landscape architects who are working on impressive projects throughout the country that consider the long-term impacts of the land and lifestyles they’re designing,” said Small. “We’re looking forward to furthering RVI’s mission of inspiring people to be outside and engage in the community around them—throughout Colorado.”