San Gabriel Park, a beloved recreational space in Georgetown, Texas, is gearing up for its highly anticipated third phase of improvements. After a 15-year wait, residents and visitors can look forward to an array of exciting additions and transformations. On June 6, the City of Georgetown broke ground on this $7.5 million renovation project, which promises to enhance the park’s appeal and provide new destinations for the community to enjoy. Drew Carman, Director of Park Planning and Design, RVi leads the project as the prime consultant and landscape architect of record, continuing a long-time partnership with the City of Georgetown and commitment to San Gabriel Park. City Council approved a contract with Choice Builders LLC to construct Phase III, which is expected to be completed in Spring of 2024.

A History of Partnership and Commitment to San Gabriel:

RVi’s relationship with San Gabriel Park dates back to the creation of a 2015 Master Plan, site assessment and programming, facilitation of public input and surveys, trail connections, and full design services for phased improvements of the park. As stewards of the City’s resources, our diligence in cost estimating resulted in the bids coming in 13% and 10% below our Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC) For Phases I and II. Through design, our team sought and achieved cohesion in the park while respecting its historical character. As the Landscape Architect behind Phase III, there is no greater honor than to continue the tradition of mutual success for the Georgetown community.

(Source: Community Impact Staff, City of Georgetown)

(Source: Community Impact Staff, City of Georgetown)


Embracing the Phase 3 Vision:

The genesis of this Phase III can be traced back to the 2008 Georgetown Parks Bond, where voters approved funding for a comprehensive park update. Over the years, the San Gabriel Park Master Plan, led by RVi in 2015, has guided the phased improvements, with each stage bringing the community closer to a revitalized recreational retreat. The forthcoming third phase represents a yearlong endeavor aimed at realizing the vision set forth in the 2015 Master Plan.

Enriching Green Spaces:

The hallmark of the Phase III renovations lies in expanding the park’s usable green space and introducing versatile areas for various activities. One of the key highlights is the creation of a festival space, a priority identified by Georgetown residents during the planning stages. This multi-purpose area, encompassing the football field and the former rodeo arena, will not only host the Two Step Inn Festival but also accommodate other annual events such as the Georgetown Field of Honor, Juneteenth celebrations, and Fiesta San Jose. By activating different parts of the park, San Gabriel is poised to continue being a vibrant hub of community gatherings and festivities.


A Haven for Recreation:

Recognizing the importance of active recreation, Phase III brings exciting amenities to San Gabriel Park. A brand-new plaza adjacent to the Georgetown Recreation Center will feature a state-of-the-art skate park. Unlike the existing facility, this concrete skate park will offer an improved layout with street elements like grinding rails and ramps. Skateboarding enthusiasts, young and old, can look forward to a superior experience that encourages their passion for the sport.

Inclusive Water Play:

Water features have long been a favorite among park visitors, and the upcoming renovations cater to this demand with a splash plaza. Unlike traditional splash pads, this amenity aims to transcend mere functionality and become an architectural marvel. The splash plaza will showcase sequenced fountains with captivating lights and patterns, elevating the experience for children and adults alike. With its artistic flair, the plaza promises to be a visual delight and a refreshing respite during warm Texas summers.


Balancing Community Needs:

Throughout the planning and implementation of Phase III, the City of Georgetown has strived to minimize disruptions and ensure continued access to the park. By phasing the project, officials have avoided the complete closure of San Gabriel Park, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy its offerings throughout the renovation process. Although parking may be affected in certain areas, the majority of the park remains open and accessible to users.

The third phase of renovations to San Gabriel Park represents a milestone in the journey to revitalize this cherished community space. With its thoughtful design and incorporation of diverse amenities, the project encapsulates the aspirations of Georgetown residents as outlined in the master plan. RVi is honored to be involved in the evolution of San Gabriel Park and witness how these improvements will foster community engagement, outdoor enjoyment, and synergies between the park’s natural spaces and the downtown business district for generations to come.