As an emerging landscape architect passionate about sustainable design, my internship at RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture was a truly transformative experience. With a decade of experience in the landscape industry across Singapore, India, and Saudi Arabia, I am committed to addressing global and social challenges through innovative landscape architecture solutions. In this blog, I will share the highlights of my internship journey at RVi, where I had the opportunity to contribute to diverse projects, hone my project management skills, and explore my passion for sustainable and environmentally responsible landscapes.

Equipped with a Master of Landscape Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University and a Graduate Certificate in Geodesign, I embarked on my internship at RVi with a solid foundation of knowledge and a strong commitment to making a positive impact. My educational background in architecture and environmental management allowed me to approach design challenges with a holistic perspective, integrating environmental sustainability and human well-being seamlessly.

Diverse projects and hands-on experiences

During my time at RVi, I had the privilege of working on a wide array of projects, gaining valuable insights into multi-family housing and swimming pool amenity design. Engaging in hands-on experiences and collaborating with experienced professionals, I developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with designing for multi-family housing. For example, from site planning to creating outdoor spaces that fostered community and connectivity, I learned how to strike a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and the diverse needs of residents. Additionally, my involvement in swimming pool amenity design further solidified my passion for creating engaging spaces that promote relaxation, recreation, and social interaction, all while keeping a strong focus on environmental responsibility.

The road to Sustainable SITES accredited professional

The most exhilarating part of my internship journey was the realization that my growing knowledge opened doors to a world of possibilities in creating sustainable and environmentally responsible landscapes. During my time at RVi Planning and Landscape, I had the wonderful chance to explore different authority codes pertinent to landscape architecture, which further ignited my passion for sustainability. For example, I went through Lee County code for the section relevant to the tree protection and removal for a multifamily Built-to-Rent housing project. This newfound zeal prompted me to prepare for the Sustainable SITES AP exam.

With dedicated study and the unwavering support of my colleagues at RVi, I delved into the principles of sustainable site development and design, eager to expand my expertise in this crucial domain. Successfully clearing the exam, I achieved the prestigious designation of Sustainable SITES Accredited Professional, solidifying my commitment to promoting sustainability in landscape architecture. This achievement has strengthened my resolve to incorporate innovative and eco-friendly practices into every project, ensuring that landscapes not only enhance human experiences but also contribute positively to our environment.

My future journey in sustainable design

My internship at RVi has been an enriching and transformative experience that reaffirmed my dedication to sustainable design and environmentally responsible landscapes. From engaging in diverse projects and hands-on experiences to achieving the Sustainable SITES AP designation, each aspect has shaped my professional growth and strengthened my passion for creating a greener, more sustainable world through landscape architecture. I am excited to continue my journey, embracing sustainable design principles to create landscapes that not only enrich the lives of people but also serve as stewards of the environment, preserving and protecting natural resources for future generations. With a profound sense of purpose, I am eager to contribute to the creation of exceptional and sustainable living environments that make a positive impact on our communities and the world.