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Connecting Stories, Pattern, Form, and Density

As humans, we are wired to love a good story. Stories connect us to each other and the world around us, and they have the power to inspire and captivate us. It is no wonder that the best designers in the world always tell compelling stories in their work. Jobs, Disney, and Wright, to name... Read Full Post

The Beauty in the Big Picture: Sam Alvarez

What initially inspired you to pursue a career in Landscape Architecture/Planning? My love for landscape architecture began in a small horticultural design studio in the latter half of my undergraduate career at Texas A&M. It was there where I learned the fundamentals of planting design and my curiosity for this field was found. Thanks to... Read Full Post

Balancing Urbanization and Sustainability: The Role Green Infrastructure Plays in Enhancing Modern Urban Development

Our cities are confronted with significant challenges as global temperatures continue to rise. The transition from the serene Texas hill country to bustling urban centers like Dallas, Houston, or Austin reveals a stark contrast in temperature. Unfortunately, natural phenomena like El Niño exacerbate this situation. Climate change is a global issue that necessitates a closer... Read Full Post

A Clear Path Forward for Asante Trails

RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture is thrilled to share that our collaboration on the Asante Trails project in Surprise, Arizona has achieved a significant milestone. We’re proud to announce that the Surprise City Council approved a major change to the Asante Trails planned area development by redesignating the site from commercial to mixed-use, including a blend... Read Full Post

RVi Celebrates National Intern Day!

RVi offers challenging and rewarding internship positions throughout the year for bright scholars and young professionals. Our collaborative approach integrates interns into a wide variety of project experiences where they work with our seasoned design and planning mentors. We recognize the talents, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives that our interns bring to RVi and are excited... Read Full Post

Putting People First: A Conversation with Jared Pyka, Client Development Director

What initially inspired you to pursue a career in business development? My career began by starting my own landscaping business and then transitioned into wholesale plant growing. An industry veteran, Joe Hertsenberg sparked my journey into business development. Joe introduced me to participating in trade organizations, making connections with people and communities, and recommended that... Read Full Post

Designing a Career of Success: Somdeep Nandy

As an emerging landscape architect passionate about sustainable design, my internship at RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture was a truly transformative experience. With a decade of experience in the landscape industry across Singapore, India, and Saudi Arabia, I am committed to addressing global and social challenges through innovative landscape architecture solutions. In this blog, I... Read Full Post

Preserving our Oasis in the Desert: Designing with Water Conservation in Mind

Water, the lifeblood of Arizona’s desert landscape, is undeniably a precious resource. In the face of a semi-arid to arid climate and rapid population growth, our state grapples with unique water challenges. To safeguard the well-being of our communities and support continued development, responsible water usage and conservation are of utmost importance. The reliance on... Read Full Post