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San Gabriel Park: Celebrating the Groundbreaking of Phase III

San Gabriel Park, a beloved recreational space in Georgetown, Texas, is gearing up for its highly anticipated third phase of improvements. After a 15-year wait, residents and visitors can look forward to an array of exciting additions and transformations. On June 6, the City of Georgetown broke ground on this $7.5 million renovation project, which... Read Full Post

Serving our Local Communities: A Roster of Public Service Excellence

RVi staff across the country have found it increasingly valuable to pursue public service roles in their communities, reaping rewards both professionally and personally from contributing to the policy-making process and serving the communities that they live and work in. Serving in volunteer public service roles and citizen advisory boards offers numerous benefits including the... Read Full Post

Developing Urban Agriculture in Texas

Urban agriculture has gained significant attention in recent years as cities around the world seek to promote sustainable and resilient food systems. Urban agriculture has taken on a unique character in Austin, Texas, reflecting the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its vibrant local food culture. RVi has numerous projects around the city with an... Read Full Post

Preserving the Past and Designing for the Future | World Preservation Month

In celebration of World Preservation Month, the RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture Team takes a moment to reflect on the profound significance of community pride, heritage tourism, and the preservation of historical sites. San Gabriel Park, designated as a “Lone Star Legacy Park,” is a testament to its historical significance within the Georgetown community and the... Read Full Post

Reflecting on this Year's Memorial Day

For this year’s Memorial Day, we recognize the profound significance of honoring those who have given their lives to protect the landscapes we design and enjoy. Their sacrifice allows us to create spaces where people can gather, find solace, and celebrate the beauty of nature. We are deeply grateful for their courage and selflessness. As... Read Full Post

Celebrating the Retirement of Mark Smith

Landscape Architecture and Landscape Architects are known for their holistic approach to projects, considering technical needs, aesthetic qualities, and sustainability. As RVi celebrates the retirement of Mark Smith, we reflect on his leadership and personal impact on the profession and our company. We are fortunate to be part of a people-centered culture at RVi. When... Read Full Post

Getting to Green Infrastructure

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, the profession of landscape architecture is defined as “the science and art of design, planning, management, and stewardship of the land.” This succinct thirteen-word definition carries a broad interpretation that many of us, as practitioners, attribute to our jack-of-all-trades approach to land development in our daily work... Read Full Post

Empathy Modeling as User Experience Innovation

Close your eyes and think about a place that is special to you or left a lasting impression. You may not be able to name every feature, but you can describe the scene, what happened there, and how it made you feel. That’s because great places are more than just cool plan features: they’re a... Read Full Post