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Water regulation in growing areas and their effect on development

As Florida’s population grows, so does the need for developments to support the population increase. While some areas in the state are dense and compressed already, there are other areas such as St. Cloud, in Central Florida, that have room to grow and adapt to today’s world of housing. RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture has... Read Full Post

Spilling the tee with Kelly

I learned how to play golf when I was a kid. When I think of the sport, family is the first thing that comes to mind. My parents and grandparents golfed. Growing up in Minnesota, when perfect weather days were few and far between, we took every chance we could get to be out on... Read Full Post

RVi celebrates 40 years

In 1982, RVi embarked on a mission to provide planning and landscape architectural services across Texas. Founded by Bob Richardson and Joe Verdoorn as Richardson Verdoorn in Austin, RVi has since grown into a nationally recognized planning, landscape architecture and urban design firm. Now boasting 10 offices and over 100 employees across the United States,... Read Full Post

RVi gives back on National Public Lands Day

To help celebrate RVi’s 40th Anniversary, team members from across the country headed outdoors on Saturday, September 24 – National Public Lands Day (NPLD). Sponsored by the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), it is the largest single-day volunteer event for Public Lands and is one of only five days a year when entrance fees are waived... Read Full Post

Working to make affordable housing a reality in Phoenix and beyond

Affordable housing is a prevalent topic in Phoenix, Arizona, and throughout the country. According to, the average monthly rent for an apartment in Phoenix is $1,590. The population explosion, which doesn’t appear to be slowing, will only contribute to rising housing costs and the lack of affordable housing options. In response to this, the... Read Full Post

The power of BIM

What is BIM, or Building Information Modeling? While building is largely the focus, the information and modeling process have revolutionized the way we design and deliver projects and is the foundation of digital transformation in the AEC industry. These digital representations of both physical and functional characteristics allow us to plan, design, construct, operate and... Read Full Post

RVi expands national reach to Colorado

RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture has opened an office in Lakewood, Colorado. RVi has named Matt Small as Director of Landscape Architecture and Will Wagenlander, Director of Planning in the new office. Additionally, Ryan Schatzman has joined RVi as Director of Creative Strategy, focusing on projects throughout the U.S. “We’re excited about expanding in the... Read Full Post

Designing for North Carolina's charming & challenging landscape

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Western North Carolina’s landscape has much to offer. With its lush forests, vibrant fall color and an abundance of rivers and waterfalls, it is difficult to grow tired of its charm. Connecting people with nature is the philosophy behind many of the unique designs in the area. What started... Read Full Post